Our Plain English Terms & Conditions

WooNinja is a company that offers software and services to you. We assume you are going to operate in good faith, not use of services in a manner which is deemed illegal and you will do your utmost to uphold our reputation. You agree that there are fees for using our services. You agree to pay these fees, and any additional fees, on time and in full when requested by us.

Occasionally, things can go wrong and data may be lost, corrupted or simply unavailable when needed. By using our services, you agree to these risks and terms (which are in greater detail below) and agree that WooNinja cannot be held liable for any damages caused to you, your company or your customers occurring from the use of our software.

Our software is not a back up system and you should always retain a copy of any file you upload to it. We do not have an 'undo' button meaning when you delete a file or folder, it is permanently deleted and we cannot restore it.

This software is not designed for the upload of sensitive documentation such as IDs, driving licenses etc. You must not use this software for such a purpose.

Any assignments uploaded by your students should be downloaded and backed up on your own systems.

We reserve the right to throttle, remove or otherwise suspend any account we feel are outside our interpretation of 'fair use'. Accounts with more than 100GB of storage in use will be subject to periodic review.

You cannot upload, share or otherwise place on our system any file that is subject to copyright you do not hold. This includes but it's not limited to music or film clips, both partial and full, and software that requires a license. Your account will be suspended immediately, and without warning, in the event of such an upload being reported on your account. You will be liable for the costs of any legal proceeding commenced against us for infringements that originate from your uploads. You are required to keep on file any copyright permission you hold and make it available to us upon request.

Our software is designed with the best intentions for helping you sell your content but it is not fool-proof. We highly recommend you copyright or otherwise legally protect all your content, and that you consider your course platform carefully based on the value you attach to your content.

By using our software you are agreeing that you cannot hold us responsible for any loss, however caused, through the use of our software.

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If you have any questions about these Terms, do not use our services and contact us via our website.